Top Apps For Every Modern Student To Have

Being a student means a lot today. Time changes, and modern students differ much from those young people who tried to learn all the info from books before. The era of technologies and the Internet has brought new opportunities, and all students don’t hesitate using them in a process of study. Moreover, all young people love cool gadgets, don’t they? Mobile apps developers couldn’t leave this fact without attention, and they created many different apps that could help students with their education.

 Certainly, too many mobile applications exist today. All they have different features and provide their users with various opportunities. But how to choose a really useful app for your mobile, which would be not only bright and user-friendly, but also could help you much with your study process? We tried to make it easier for you, that is why we invite you to take a look at top 10 applications for education every student should know about and have in his mobile phone today. So, here we go!


iPad Book Reader


 Thanks to such Apple gadgets as iPad and iPhone, students life has become easier, as they don’t have to take all these heavy books with them anymore. It will be enough to download iPad Book Reader that allows you to read different PDF files, and makes it easy for all of us to read books or magazines.

 There is one more interesting application of the same type. It is called iBooks, and it provides an opportunity to read every book you need, no matter what format it has. So, you are welcome to try it as well.

 A big benefit of this application is its ability to work with no Internet connection at all. Install it to your mobile phone, and you’ll get an access to more than 2 million words and synonyms. What can be better for a student who studies languages? Easy to use, this application will become your best friend for sure. Forget about big and heavy dictionaries that are so uncomfortable to use.




 The following application will let you interact with your lessons. It’s very easy to use: here you can answer questions by choosing the right answer, give your opinion on the topic of a lesson. Stay connected with your courses, use eClicker to incorporate into a lesson.




 This mobile application will be perfect for those students who need the periodic table for their study. Moreover, it will provide you with many basic facts everyone should always remember but often forgets anyway. If you need to make a presentation, iElements is also here to help you with that.


Discovery Channel


 We all know Discovery, don’t we? This TV channel is really informative and educational when it comes to every aspect of our life, that is why Discovery Channel application will definitely help all students, no matter what subject they learn at the moment. This app will give the access to all the information of every field.


World Atlas


 Both students and teachers can use this application in the process of study. As it becomes clear from its name, World Atlas is an interactive map that will be very helpful in every classroom.


PI83 Graphing Calculator


 A perfect app for students who work with mathematical functions, as it provides many matrices and more than 100 graphs and functions. Your process of study will become easier for sure.

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