Simple Ways Of Secure File Sharing

We all share tons of data on internet, even though at a conscious level we rarely pay attention to all the things that can go wrong, but when they do go wrong we run for solutions and start to curse the old technology. We promise that after reading this article you won’t have to run any more, we will mention and explain some very simple ways of achieving secure file sharing.

  • Use Encryption techniques for file sharing:

A normal internet user rarely suspects that he can be the subject of interest for some hacker. But you should avoid such a mentality. It’s because of such ignorance that most of the identity theft and data theft take place. Whenever you decide to transfer a file over the internet, please note that internet is not a very trust worthy network, you should encrypt it so that even if your file is interrupted in between the source and destination, your data remains safe and sound. For large companies and enterprises there are specialized encryption programs that take care of the security issues, for home users there are plenty of free software available on the internet. WinRar is one such software that can be downloaded for free and its encryption method has still not been proven faulty or vulnerable. It also gives you the options for the level and type of encryption you prefer. Today winrar files are the standard for basic encryption. Any file encrypted with winrar can be decrypted with the same password that was used for encryption. All that you will be required to do is to share the password with the person for whom you transferred the file in the first place. Besides providing encryption services it also has the capability to fragment the data in to smaller sized files and can even compress the file to reduce its size for more efficient secure file sharing.

  • Upgrade your network:

No matter what encryption technique you use, what MFT software you implement, nothing will get you a secure file sharing experience until and unless your actual physical network does not meets the standards. If most of the file transfer takes place within your own network and still you are getting unreliable service, you can simply change the wires involved. But changing a few connecting wires is not an option when the problem is with your internet service provider. In such cases you should simply switch to a different internet service provider. 3G and 4G networks are preferable if you want both high speed and portability at the same time, but from the point of view of secure file sharing, portability might pose a problem. There are some areas where your 3G connection will just go out of range, halting the entire transfer process. However if portability is not something that you are looking for then it’s advisable that you choose a wired connection. These wired connections are built of optical fiber wires and they provide excellent reliability with reasonably higher bandwidths.

Shaw A owns a cloud based secure file sharing service. He is one of the pioniers of the MFT service and has written extensively on the topic of secure collaboration and reliability of internet connections.

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