List Building For Affiliate Marketers

Successful affiliate marketing is much more than just driving customers to your website or blog and converting traffic into sales.  There are lots of strategies that are worth adopting to encourage long-term success and repeat business.  List building is one of them.  Here’s all you need to know.

What is list building?

List building is all about collecting names and email addresses of customers and potential customers as part of your affiliate marketing operations.

Why bother doing it?

Capturing details of people in your niche markets has many benefits.  With a list of names you have people you can communicate with on a regular basis about what you have got to offer.  This is an important back-up to just relying on driving visitors to your website or blog.  By using your lists to communicate with customers and would-be customers, you can exploit more income opportunities and encourage repeat business.

What sort of things to communicate?

Even if you have a lengthy mailing list, it’s what you do with the list that is important, and not necessarily how big it is.  There are lots of considerations you’d need to make before trying to generate sales leads from mailing lists.  For starters, it’s important to be mindful that people don’t like being bombarded with heavy sales patter or spam.  When sending out communications to people on your list, make it informative, interesting and relevant to your target audience.  Don’t turn every piece of communication into a hard sell.

Some of the options you could take include mailing about what’s new on your site, offers, competitions, cashback or even freebies.  Try to create the right balance between informative content, the hard sell and offering discounts, freebies or competitions. What you don’t want is a wealth of people subscribing looking for something for nothing, with no intention of ever buying anything from you.

Always follow current guidelines and laws, however, with regards to spam, as you could pay a hefty penalty if you flout the laws – as well as lose any credibility from your customers.

The aim of the communication is to keep your customers coming back to your site, and convert potentials into new customers.  But, how do you go about all of this?

What’s involved?

Creating a mailing list doesn’t need to be a daunting process.  But, the important thing is, that once you’ve got yours established, that you maintain it regularly, and use it frequently, otherwise it will have diminishing impact.

At the simplest level, you can register for an email marketing/auto responder service.  This will store the details of your list, and enable you to send out emails.  There are lots of cost-effective, user-friendly options, so do your research.

You then need to create an opt-in form or squeeze page on your website, so that people can enter their details.  It’s worth creating an incentive for people to do this so they subscribe, as not everyone likes freely giving their details out.  Make this page clear, concise, user-friendly and inviting.

If you put time and effort into your mailing list, it should help generate income and can give you valuable information about your target audience.

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