Indians about to face the crowd-funding revolution

Crowd-funding has fueled many dreams in various nations like UK, USA, Australia, etc. Now this concept reaches the Indian market and starts an Indian crowd-funding era. Let’s see the websites responsible for bringing crowd-funding concept to Indian markets and an easy way to launch a crowd-funding website.

It is the first ever Indian crowd-funding website. It is launched by Priyanka Agrawal and Aditya Agrawal. On their website, anyone can create a crowd funding campaign for fields like business ventures, technology, film, music, social ventures, etc. They take 10% of commission from the funds collected through their website.

They have raised more than one million Indian rupees. Due to their success rate, they have been featured in NDTV profit, The Times of India, FirstPost,, and The Indian Express. They not only create success for themselves, but also help others to achieve various heights of success.


IgniteIntent is another crowd-funding website for Indians. It is founded by Rinkesh Shah. This website gives you a platform to get funds for your innovative ideas. They are associated with

They have funded about one business venture, three social campaigns, three education campaigns and many other campaigns. They are featured in various websites like DNA, NextBigWhat,, and Business Standard.

Upcoming Indian Crowd-funding websites

The following are the upcoming Indian Crowd-funding websites


How to create another crowd-funding website for Indian citizens?

You can also create a website for Indian citizens by using SFPlatform, a reliable Kickstarter clone script. With this script you can launch a crowd-funding website in short span of time. It has all the necessary features and an inbuilt revenue mechanism required in a crowd-funding website.

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Final word

Crowd-funding in India has a great present and a better future. So investing in Indian markets is a good idea. Use our Kickstarter clone script to launch a crowd-funding website and start earning from the first day of its launch.

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