How to Create a trendy Infographic

You all must know about infographics? Well the main question is how to create them. Probably you will hire someone who is an expert in it. But if you are new then the cost of it will prove to be more. Rather you can learn to create your infographics in a simple way that I have found useful and like to share it with all of you.

Step 1: Find your data source:

This is the tricky part. You will have to browse over your site and find a blog that has data into it. Choose the blog that has the most comments and tweets to it. It represents that it is the most trending topic currently.

Step 2: Finding a designer:

The design of your infographic must be such as that you can attract the majority of the users onto it. Everyone has their different perspectives, but your main target should be to attract most of the users you can. If you yourself can design it then it is well and good or else hire a designer. Bit remembers not to pay more than $300 for your infographic.

Step 3: Create a wireframe:

Before you start to create a infographic you must make a data plan for not more than 6 main points/parts to the graphic or else it will be considered as excessive data rich. Once you have made the data plan you will have to discuss it with your designer to implement it in the right way. Regardless of it can be a graph, visual examples or data drawings.

Step 4: Come up with a headline:

The headline must be such that the visitors are forced to take a look into it. So come up with an interesting and engaging headline.

Step 5: Promotion:

Before you are starting to promoting your infographic be sure that you have created an embed code for it. So that people can share your infographic on their website. After you are done with an embed code you must prepare a list of all the topics that fall under that infographic. After you have a list you can create a simple template and start mailing.

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