How Social Media Can Boost Your Site Traffic?

If you have a website and you are not using social media channels properly to increase site traffic, you are missing out on a big opportunity! Social media fosters discussion and interaction allowing people to share information and build relationships. By incorporating sound social media content strategies into your marketing plan and implementing it without delay, you can gain quick site traffic.

In this article, I have highlighted five tips, by which you can drive more visitors to your website through social media.

1.  Run ‘Picture Contest’ on Instagram

You can ask people to post a picture on their picture feed that mentions your account on Instagram. Make sure to announce that you will offer a prize for the best picture posted. By doing this, you will not only give people an opportunity to show off their talent and creativity but also make them aware of your brand. You must give away something valuable to the people in order to make them interested for the contest. Once people get to know your brand on Instagram through the contest they will certainly click on your profile description and land up on your website.


2. Follow Twitter Trends

Make sure you keep an eye on trending topics on Twitter. Twitter shows trending hashtags (#) that link to the trending articles and posts on the web. Try to incorporate one of more of these trending hashtags in your tweets that talk about your company and share direct link to your website/ ecommerce entity. For example, if you make use of a hashtag for joining a trending conversation, people who are not your followers will see what you are tweeting about. If they like your tweet, they might follow your account and even visit your website, by following the web-link mentioned on your twitter profile.

3. Run ‘Like’ Contest on Facebook

People are fond of free stuff. So, you can run a Contest on Facebook for people who clicks ‘Like’ on your website’s fan page. With people ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ your page / page updates, you can quickly gain a good number of followers, as well as drive them to your website. In this way, you can get a huge traffic to your website for the small cost of giving away a service or a product; you would surely not mind. Isn’t it?

4. Create and Upload your video on YouTube

Shooting a video of yourself discussing something about your website and uploading it to YouTube is a great idea. This will not only increase your online presence but would also inform and educate your target audience about the specific niche that your website talks about. Make sure to ask your video viewers to voice their opinion about your video and pen a comment on your website’s guest page (if any) provide a link to your website/ target web page at the end of the video. Just one tip – try to make a video that has a personal touch to it and relate to popular interests. But, overall your YouTube video needs to be related to your site as well.

5. Initiate Interaction on Twitter through Direct Messaging

“Direct Messaging” on Twitter is a great way to get your message across to a large number of people   quickly and without incurring any investment. But, make sure as not to bombard your twitter followers with a sales pitch every now and then. That way, your followers would quickly get bored and unfollow you. Twitter allows only 140 characters for posts. So your message should be short, crisp and direct, without semantic prettifications. People love interacting with website owners directly, so if they enjoy what you message, a visit to your website would not be far behind.

Using social media to get quick traffic to your website is not difficult or time-consuming. You just need to be innovative and have interest in what you do, stick to a social media plan and always be flexible in your approach. In short, you should be a learner and a contributor in order to increase your website’s traffic volume through social media platforms. When you think about giveaways or promotions to run on the social media sites, you should put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. What will drive you to interact? What kind of prizes will interest you? Think it wisely and offer something valuable and you will see the hits starting to add up!

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