Facebook launches verified accounts as the same in Twitter

Facebook finally launches verified pages the same way twitter has provided for accounts. These verified stamps will be representing a small group of public figures which will consist of celebrities, journalists, popular brands, public figures, businesses, etc. You can identify the verified profile with a dark blue tick besides their name on timeline.

Basically Facebook calls it a “blue badge” but in the press release that was out it was mentioned as “check mark”. By moving your mouse over the blue badge you will come to know that a given page or profile is real or not. Facebook will soon cover all the pages and profiles that are currently online so that you do not come across the fake pages.

Facebook is also currently in developing the “hash tag” feature of twitter in to facebook as well. And not only facebook adapted this verified feature from twitter but Pinterest also has adapted the same in October 2013. Social Networks are adapting each other’s strategy for their betterment.

What are your reviews about this change that facebook has introduced? Let us know your views in the comment box.


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