Era of Equity Crowdfunding Begins

The year 2013 is the year which will go down in history as the year that changed business world head over heels with the arrival of equity crowdfunding.

Federal JOBS Act as well as crowd funding is assisting in small businesses take a valiant step inside stepping cost and time consuming process of investment banks and lawyers for creating an IPO.

These small businesses tend to make more capital and so small investors will have a shot at buying IPO stock.

With a handful of crowdfunding scripts working on the internet, it has spread like a wildfire. Few projects materialized due to crowd funding efforts gained media attention.

The financial world deems equity crowd source funding as the next big thing of 2013. President Obama has opened a gateway to new business era with passing an act on crowd funding websites. The latest law makes an easier passageway for businesses to nurture capital and also sell shares by crowd funding efforts.

The funds due to crowd funding efforts are rising at 500 percent. That includes donations and rewards. Totaling the gross amount, all the crowd funding scripts managed to rake in 1.5 billion dollars in funds.

Number of website materialized on the cloud dealing in crowd funding. With the influx of many crowd funding scripts, some will fail and some will succeed.

A standard is being set by the major big crowdfunding scripts. That standard will become constant. People having a background in finance and business can make it through.

Equity Net is one such crowd funding software, which is seven years old raised 104 million dollars in 2012 alone. It’s a successful website in the digital age. Equity net is also credited with software systems which are patented. It shows a planning process and gives out success indicator.

Fifty percent of the small businessmen succeeding in equity net system raise capital. This means that they are ten times more successful than other websites.

The equity crowd funding website is also connected with National of Seed and Venture Funds. Furthermore it is connected with National Business Incubation Association along with among more.

The website has received five stars for:

•  Ease of use
•  Professionalism
•  Customer service

It is ranked at number two. The business plan software is evidently a long term success factor here. For some, this Crowdfunding software is best in business and good starting point.

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