Digital vs Traditional Marketing: Which is the Best Way to Market Your Business?

When it comes to owning a business, one of the toughest tasks an owner will face will be adequately marketing it. In this day and age there is certainly no shortage of tools available to business owners, but the trouble is no easy task being able to choose one which will be adequate for the business. The majority of marketing tools can be typically classed as traditional or digital – but which one is the best to market your business?

Traditional Marketing

One of the best things about traditional marketing is that it usually guarantees that you can gain a high reach with your campaign, whilst still being personal with the message too.

Additionally, with a traditional marketing campaign, you can easily choose whether you want the campaign to be national or defined to a local area (with local often being the more cost-effective option).

To really get the most out of a traditional marketing campaign, it is usually best to follow up a TV or radio advert by going out and using a direct marketing campaign too. The common choice is to use flyers, but a better way to be more personal with the direct marketing can be to hand out promotional items such as wristbands. This gives the customer something to wear and is one of the best aspects of traditional marketing, as it gives the customer a wearable item which they can make use of.

Digital Marketing

What’s great about digital marketing is the fact that you can be very specific in the demographics you want to target with the campaigns. This obviously good news because it means that you guarantee that you able to reach your target audience with the campaign – which isn’t always a possibility with newspaper or TV adverts.

There are various tools which can be used when marketing digitally, and most businesses would be sure to utilize social media as one of the key aspects of their strategy. The reasoning for this is that is very cheap and easy to use – and can bring in the best ROI of all marketing tools. Just as traditional marketing tools work best when used together as part of the same campaign, it can be a great idea to use social media alongside YouTube or PPC advertisement.

Is Either the Best?

Before we decide on one being the best, it is also worth knowing that both methods have their downsides too. With traditional marketing, you can be faced with the problem that is it very hard to track the effectiveness of the campaigns you are running, and seeing whether you are getting any direct sales/leads from the campaign. A common negative which occurs with digital marketing is the fact that social media and other channels such as YouTube offer two-way communication between you and the customer. If the customer is leaving bad reviews about the business this can easily be seen by other potential customers and this could put them off from using your business.

Taking this into consideration, the best way to make the most of the positives and eradicate the negatives would be to use both of the methods in tandem with each other. The best advice would be to run a marketing campaign which allows both techniques to complement each other, which can be done in a variety of ways. A great route to go down can be to run a TV advert with a strong narrative which then has follow-up stories on YouTube adverts. Another option which can be more cost-effective can be to create a hashtag on social media and then also print the same hashtag on wristbands as part of a direct marketing tool. This is a great and simple option to create brand awareness, and perfectly allows you to get the most out of both types of marketing.

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