The Busy Woman’s Guide to Successful Blogging

Many women have a hard time juggling their career and personal life nowadays. Because of their busy work schedules, it’s almost impossible for many of them to work on their passions such as blogging or starting a business.

The good news is, living in a mobile, digital world takes a lot of the weight off this struggle. If you want to finally take blogging seriously amid your busy professional and personal life, take heart because it can be done. The secret is to be strategic when it comes to working on your blog despite your full calendar.

 Woman's Guide to Successful Blogging

Here is the busy woman’s guide to successful blogging:

  1. Reorganize your priorities.

Many people see a busy schedule as a badge of honor. It is as if the less free time a person has, the more valuable his or her role is in a business or in society. Yet when you think about it, a person who barely has enough time to do what they wish to do is more likely someone who is struggling and stressed out. If you want to be successful in blogging without compromising your other responsibilities, you need to practice smart multi-tasking from the start.

Keep a daily schedule and outline the different tasks that you need to do for the day. If possible, allot a specific time for each task and stick to it. If you are facing a busy week, it is also helpful to list down the things you need to do and rate them according to urgency. What tasks need to be done as soon as possible? Are there errands that you can put off until you aren’t swamped?

Writing down errands and tasks helps you see what responsibilities demand immediate action and which ones can wait a while. This practice will help you realign your priorities so you can manage your time more wisely. You can’t really focus on writing if your mind is clouded by responsibilities that you need to attend to.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It is easy to get sidetracked once you start designing your blog. What theme should you use? What graphics go well with your post? How do you integrate your blog to your social channels? Is there a specific publishing time to drive in more traffic? The logistics can eat up a good portion of your time and with a hectic schedule such as yours, you can’t afford to waste even a minute.

Avoid getting overwhelmed and seek out help instead. Hire a virtual employee to help you manage your blog. This way, your time, focus, and energy is shifted to creating interesting and witty posts instead of being drained by the logistics.

  1. Pause and refuel.

Like other great things, a successful blog does not happen overnight. Don’t give up if you experience a few bumps along the way.

Know how to pause and refuel. Here are a few things to try:

  • Make sure to take at least one whole day off every week.
  • Put mobile devices on airplane or silent mode by 10:00 PM to help you wind down and rest.
  • Don’t scrimp when it comes to pampering yourself with rest. This does not mean you have to spend loads of money. You can just take a relaxing stroll, watch your favorite shows, or read a book.

Women are experts in multi-tasking. This ability already gives you a good head-start. With this guide to help you, a successful blog is well within your reach.

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