Benefits of hiring a freelancer IT Contractors

According to a 2010 research project by the software company Intuit, over 40% of U.S. workers will be self-employed by 2020. The Great Recession put a lot of professionals out of work because employing highly-skilled workers costs businesses a lot of money. Businesses cut costs by consolidating positions, creating more part-time positions, and laying workers off entirely, but the laid-off workers still have their skills to offer, and the businesses that laid them off still need the skills and services these workers were providing. This is where freelance contractors come in.

Whether you need IT to set up and maintain a business network, tech support for a one-time project, or digital signage solutions for advertising and marketing, freelance tech support can bring it all home with workers that specialize in each of these skills and services. A business can hire a skilled technician as needed for IT support without having to employ a full-time person.

Independent professionals allow an organization to hire the best of the best when they need it, instead of hiring part-time or temporary employees, staffing multiple part-time positions with one full-time person, or employing a full-time IT person for a part-time but crucial service. Hiring freelance contractors gets you exactly what you need when you need it, and reduces your full-time staff and overall costs at the same time.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer: Freelancers significantly reduce the costs associated with employing full-time workers. Not only does the company limit the number of benefits packages it pays for, but it also eliminates the need for full-time positions like recruiters. Without the pressure of hiring full-time workers and keeping them busy full time, businesses are free to hire specific professionals for exactly the job they need, with no ongoing commitment. When a business needs an audio visual technician, they’re free to hire a person who specializes in AV, instead of assigning the task to a full-time employee with a related but different skill set.

Advantages of using an online workplace to find workers: An online work platform connects businesses with the skilled workers they need for any job, without the commitment of ongoing employment. The work platform brings the workers to the business, so the business doesn’t have to go looking for them. Businesses can post a service request that qualified workers respond to, or it can search for the exact worker they need without responding to a pool of applicants, all within the working platform. And one of the best parts is that the platform itself is a service that facilitates the hiring, contracting, and payment, using accountability to protect businesses from hiring workers that don’t follow through.

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