Be My Guest: A Look at Guest Blogging

These days, it seems like everyone and their grandmothers have a blog. There are millions of active blogs spread across the World Wide Web. It’s the modern means of telling stories, getting news, and connecting. As any search engine optimization company knows, blogging is also an essential part of generating fresh, informative, and keyword-rich content.

Over the years, guest blogging has become just as important as having your own company blog. Let’s take a closer look at guest posting.

Understanding Guest Blogging

In its simplest terms, guest blogging is writing an article and submitting it to a blog owned by another blogger. Generally, the blog written relates to the website’s main theme. For example, you could write a blog about how to make a certain recipe to a home or food blog.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Why go through the trouble of guest blogging when you could just as easily post the article to your own blog? The fact is guest blogging covers all your bases, from SEO to social to user experience.

Guest blogging gives you free publicity that can go a long way if you write an interesting informative piece that truly connects with readers. Done correctly, a guest blog also gives you the opportunity to expand your audience. A blog with any amount of credibility will have a loyal audience, and if the website trusts you, the audience will, too, bringing even more people to your company and increasing your social media following.

The main reason that most people guest blog is for the backlinks, though this shouldn’t be your sole purpose. Guest blogging provides you with natural links back to your website but it should reflect the same motive as your own blog: earn viewership (and visits) by establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Though having more inbound links, as well as diverse backlink profile, can help improve your rankings on search engines like Google, there is an undisputable value to reaching out to other blogs’ audiences directly.

How to Pull It Off

There’s really no reason not to write guest posts, but how would an Internet marketing agency go about creating an excellent guest blog?

  • Word count: Although word count isn’t the only thing that matters, it does matter if you are trying to do the bare minimum. Though Google hasn’t officially given a word count figure, it’s safe to shoot for between 400 and 800 words. Word count isn’t nearly as important as relevance so remember to prioritize quality over quantity. External links: Most blogs that accept guest posts have rules and restrictions about the use of external links and their anchor text. Blogs usually only allow one to three links in a post. Sometimes blog owners limit links to the end of the article, in the bio and byline. Due to these restrictions, don’t expect to stuff your guest posts with links. If you wouldn’t want the link-stuffed guest post on your blog, chances are other bloggers may not want it on their blogs either.
  • Relevancy: Keep your article relevant for the blog you plan to post to. For instance, if you write an article about termite extermination, don’t expect a blog about men’s health to accept. This is also important to SEO, especially with Google’s Penguin algorithm updates in full effect where irrelevant links do not pass as much value as they once did.

Guest blogging is a vital tool in your arsenal. Use it wisely and you should see some amazing results. Good luck.

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