4 Tips to Writing Compelling Cover Letters

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If only it is possible for interviewers to observe and get to know applicants for a week or maybe a month, then you will not have to sweat blood writing your cover letter and resume.

You have lots of time to show what you’ve got.

But it’s not. Few minutes is the longest period hiring managers get to be with each hopeful. And so applicants should take advantage of every chance there is to sharing their story.

What should you remember when writing cover letters?

Aim for recall.

Those screening applications are to receive a hundred or maybe even thousands of cover letters in a day.

Your goal is to get noticed. Your cover letter should hence be memorable. It should help boost your chances of standing out in the pool of applicants.

If you must drop names, say it’s the hiring manager’s, make sure that you get the details right. Conduct research to verify information before you include them on the cover letter.

This is also your chance to mention mutual contacts, if you have any.

Connections may automatically earn your application that attention, which is a good start. Ensure that you mention it right on your first sentence. Readers have limited attention span. If they dislike your introduction they might toss your cover letter right away.  

Share personal story.

Use the cover letter as an opportunity to talk about things you cannot include in the resume but could potentially help increase your chances of getting in.  

Give your letter a personal approach. Do not just be content lifting drafts or samples online and then editing specifics. There’s nothing wrong looking at or reviewing samples but see to it that you have yours customized.

Sharing a personal story may  make writing cover letter even more arduous as you need to brush up on significant events in your life. But as long as they are connected or related to the position you are applying, feel free to talk.

Beware of your writing style.

While you are adopting a less stiff or more relaxed tone, make sure that you format your cover letter businesslike.

You can be yourself in your cover letter. If you are aiming to land a position in the teaching industry for instance, talk about how you have always played teacher to your friends as a kid, that you loved joining summer camps and volunteering as facilitator.

This will give your cover letter a human touch, unique and more engaging.

Intrigue authorities.

Entice interviewers. Make them further interested in what you can bring to the table.

See to it that you do not repeat your statements  on the cover letter to the resume. However, at the same time, make sure that you are sharing only specifics in your cover letter.

You are selling yourself. And remember,  like your resume, the cover letter is an effective marketing tool to showing your strengths, what you have to offer to the company. And companies do not need generic promises, they want to hear about concrete examples how you can be of help to them.

Do not think that your cover letter is just another requirement you can ignore. Never copy paste details on the job description. And proofread, over again. If you must seek the help of your friends who can do “write my essay” so compelling, then by all means go ahead.

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